Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Continuity of Care in Home Care

Richard Rementilla
The Ottawa Hospital

The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowship (ACPF) has provided me an outstanding opportunity to pursue an area of study about which I am truly passionate! The area of continuity of care has been brought to the forefront of home care due to the rapidly change and evolution of the system to support care in home – particularly for the elder population who are increasingly choosing to age at home.
I learned the skill of critical analysis in order to harvest information that was of great value and support in answering my research question. I was able to gather the journals and articles necessary to support my ACPF; and through this learned skill I was able to support my research question by focusing my research on the five critical elements that ensure and effect continuity of care – and thereby support client centred care.

The five critical elements required to ensure continuity of care are:

1. Communication
2. Relationship-building
3. Recruitment and Retention
4. Professional Development
5. Positive Team Dynamics

The ACPF experience has also exposed me to a higher level of professional development that not only focused on areas of professional practice, but also in areas of research, critical thinking, critical analysis, and academic writing. These skills are truly a value-add as I will be able to apply these competencies in future pursuits and areas of study.

With the guidance of my strong mentorship team, and with the added insights I have gained and the competencies I have developed, I have been able to prepare and hone this report. It is my plan to disseminate these findings both within my organization and in the home care sector with the intent to use my learning from the ACPF process to champions a more client centred care model grounded in the elements of continuity.

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