Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Evaluating the knowledge transfer related to chronic pain conditions, pain medications, and nursing pain assessment best practices

Elizabeth Brown
Hotel Dieu Hosptial

The overall learning goal for my RNAO Fellowship in the Best Practice Guideline (BPG) Implementation stream was to develop and apply the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate the transfer of knowledge regarding chronic pain conditions, pain medications and nursing pain assessment best practices consistent with the RNAO Assessment and Management of Pain BPG (3rd ed., Dec 2013).

Hotel Dieu Hospital (HDH) is in our RNAO Best Practice Spotlight Organization candidacy period and I have been fortunate to be involved in the implementation
of the Assessment and Management of Pain BPG in our Chronic Pain Clinic (CPC). My fellowship has helped me to identify additional content for our post BPG implementation education program and the knowledge and skills to develop a knowledge transfer evaluation plan. I am using and will continue to use the knowledge and skills developed through this fellowship to meet the Assessment and Management of Pain BPG Team implementation and sustainability goals.

To meet this learning goal and key learning objectives, I engaged in different learning strategies with the assistance of my mentoring team. During this fellowship I gained knowledge and experience through the completion of the following activities:

  • RNAO Assessment and Management of Pain BPG (3rd ed., Dec 2013)
  • RNAO Implementation Framework (2012) with a specific focus on evaluation
  • Knowledge Transfer (KT); including barriers and facilitators to KT, strategies to enhance KT, and strategies to evaluate KT related to the Pain BPG
  • Engaged in site visits to other BPSO organizations that have implemented the Assessment and Management of Pain BPG
  • Completing a literature review
  • Attended the RNAO BPG Summer Institute in June 2014
  • Development of a best practice KT evaluation plan that aligns with the HDH CPC previously established education plan

I am extremely grateful to the RNAO and Hotel Dieu Hospital for their support of this personal learning opportunity. I am committed to sharing the knowledge I have gained throughout this learning journey within the organization and apply it to my daily practice.

I want to express a special thank you to my mentoring team for their support, advice and direction.

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