Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Providing True Compassionate Client-Centred-Care to Residents with Dementia within a Secured unit in Long-term Care Organizations

Cynthia Chovance
St. Peter's Residence at Chedoke

I have been given this amazing opportunity to learn new skills and strategies to facilitate the compassionate and client- centered- care for those living with dementia in a secured unit through the fellowship. I was able to gain knowledge through reading multiple articles and BPG and other evidence based literature. I also had the opportunity to visit a site that has great success with person centered care using a WOW model through DementiAbility methods. I was able to sit in on the weekly behavioural rounds to better understand the behaviours occurring at St Peters and the process of interdisciplinary collaboration for support and solutions. At times I became overwhelmed, however I was able to collaborate with my mentors weekly and at ADHOC to discuss and reset my focus. I also had the opportunity to observe care on the unit and discuss with co-workers challenges and successes, as well I was able to have staff complete a survey to better understand the challenges working on the secured unit. I presented my findings with the interdisciplinary leadership team and gave suggestions on how to implement my findings. During my fellowship several changes were made through collaboration with my mentor team. The nursing students who volunteer on the secured unit are trained in Dementia Care and will have introduction to the Montessori kits to use with the residents. The Alzheimer’s Society will connect with the families of new admissions on the secured unit to help ease the transition into long term care and help families during the transition period. Staff has had training in the DementiAbility Methods and is now using this on the unit. Plans are also in development of having staff educated using the Virtual Dementia Training offered through the Alzheimer’s Society. The environment of the living space in the secured unit has been undergoing many changes to provide a better home-like environment including the bathing suit. My fellowship opened the door to the development of a healthy workplace environment and a culture shift that is promoting and supporting compassionate client-centered-care to residents with dementia living in a secured unit. The interdisciplinary team will work together to change the environment of the secured unit and then implementing the success into the entire home.

The fellowship has helped me gain the knowledge to provide true compassionate care for those living with dementia living on a secured unit.