Addiction and Mental Health

Engaging Clients Who Use Substances

This free course is intended to support nurses and health care professionals to support clients experiencing a substance use disorder. It will broaden your understanding of the factors that affect clients experiencing substance use disorders.

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Nursing towards equity

This free course is intended to support nurses and health care professionals to expand their knowledge and skills in applying the social determinants of health and health inequities in your work. This free, 1 hr course will provide an overview on how to screen and intervene with people at risk for poverty, integrate social determinants theory into organizational practices and learn ways to apply health equity concepts into advocacy and political action to create change.

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Integrating tobacco interventions into daily practice

This free course will provide nurses and other health-care providers with the foundational knowledge to start engaging with their clients who use tobacco to help them quit, reduce or manage their withdrawal symptoms. This e-learning is the foundational module for tobacco interventions.

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Tobacco use and cessation with youth and young adults

This free course discusses key concepts regarding tobacco use by youth and young adults, such as prevalence rates, motivations for tobacco use and cessation, and specific tobacco interventions for this population. Additionally, this e-learning will provide you with the foundational information needed to design and execute tobacco cessation programming that effectively engages youth and young adults.

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Best Practice Champions eLearning course

Through completing this course, nurses and other health-care providers will gain confidence and know-how in selecting and using best practice guidelines to support and sustain best practices in their workplace.

By completing this course, you will meet the requirements to become an RNAO Best Practice Champion.

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Cours d’apprentissage électronique des champions des pratiques exemplaires de la RNAO

La RNAO offre ce cours d’apprentissage électronique, des ateliers en personne ou une série d’apprentissages virtuels pour vous permettre de satisfaire aux critères et de devenir championne ou champion des pratiques exemplaires. Pour obtenir de plus amples informations, veuillez consulter 

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Older adults

Delirium, Dementia, and Depression in Older Adults

This five module course is designed to enhance your knowledge and abilities as you assess and care for older adults with delirium, dementia and/or depression (the “3Ds”)

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Nursing and eHealth Course

This course has been designed to help you learn about eHealth and how it affects your daily practice as a nurse.

It will also provide you with the necessary background information to appreciate how eHealth can enhance your nursing practice and client care.

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L’initiative JCSMD

L’initiative Jeunes champions en matière de la santé mentale et des dépendances

La santé mentale, la maladie mentale et les dépendances chez les jeunes constituent un problème important. Il y a toutefois une bonne nouvelle : les interventions faisant appel aux pairs, comme l’initiative Jeunes champions en matière de la santé mentale et des dépendances (JCSMD) de l’Association des infirmières et infirmiers autorisés de l’Ontario (AIIO) contribuent à le combattre.

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Women and children

Breastfeeding e-Learning

This e-learn has been created as a means to assist nurses, other health-care professionals and organizations to access education that is appropriate to their role in promoting breastfeeding. 

As such, it aims to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude required to implement internationally recognized best practices in breastfeeding to create a baby-friendly environment.

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