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Media Awards

RNAO's annual Media Awards honours journalists for outstanding work that helps Ontarians better understand nursing and health care.

Stories published or broadcast in Ontario during the 2020 calendar year are eligible. Entries are scored by an independent panel of judges consisting of nurses and journalists.

The submission form is now closed. Thank you those who submitted.

Award categories:

  • Daily newspaper, best news coverage
  • Daily newspaper, best in-depth feature or series
  • Community newspaper, best news coverage
  • Community newspaper, best in-depth feature or series
  • Radio, best news coverage
  • Radio, best in-depth feature or series
  • Television, best news coverage
  • Television, best in-depth feature or series
  • Online, best story
  • Online, best in-depth feature or series


  • All entries must be submitted by the deadline via the online submission form.
  • Limit of one entry per person. Entrants may not submit a single entry to multiple categories.
  • Winners of the previous year's awards are not eligible to enter this year.
  • Entries in the Online, best story and Online, best in-depth feature or series categories must be published on a website that covers news and/or current events.
  • Entries must be journalistic in nature, based on research and interviews. Opinion pieces and academic articles are not eligible.
  • Materials prepared by RNAO staff or staff of health-related associations are not eligible.
  • Trade publications, textbooks, or video/audio productions intended for health-care practitioners or audiences are not eligible.

How to apply:

  • For print entries, please send PDF scans of the original article. Please also include a link if the story appears online.
  • For broadcast submissions, links and/or electronic audio or video files are preferred.

Additional rules:

  • There is no entry fee.
  • If nominating a story on behalf of a journalist, you must inform the nominee prior to submission.
  • A benchmark cumulative score will be determined before judging commences, and winning entries must surpass this predetermined score to be eligible. If no article in a particular category surpasses this benchmark, no award shall be given out.
  • By applying for an award, you consent to RNAO using the contents of your submission to publicize the awards competition.

Winners are announced in the spring, and the awards are handed out at RNAO's Annual General Meeting in June.
For more information, contact  Marion Zych at 1-800-268-7199, ext. 209.

To view the 2019 winners, click here.


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