Policy and Political Action

Policy & Political Action


  • November 7, 2002

    In January 1999, the Nursing Task Force presented its report, Good Nursing, Good Health: An Investment for the 21st Century. The Ontario government accepted all the recommendations of the Task Force and moved to implementation. The Nursing Research Committee of RNAO decided to find out nurses' perceptions of changes in practice settings since the release of the report.

  • February 23, 2001

    The past decade has been extremely challenging for Ontario’s registered nurses. Dramatic fluctuations in employment opportunities, driven by funding cuts and short-sighted policy initiatives 1, led many RNs to leave the province, the country and even the profession. By 1998, Ontario ranked last in the country in the ratio of nurses per population.

    In 1999, the Ontario government committed to funding 12,000 new, permanent nursing positions (registered nurse and registered practical nurse) before the end of 2000.