KTA tools

KTA Tools

Applying pragmatic and valid tools can support change teams to accurately measure the identified problem or determine the know-do gap and strengthen their understanding of these components. Using these tools can also help change teams prepare for the next action cycle phase, ‘Adapt knowledge to the local context’.

The table below lists the tools that can be used to measure the identified problem and to determine the know/do gap. For each tool, two documents are provided – 1) a summary page that includes the tool’s purpose, description and applicable action cycle phases, and 2) a companion document that details the tools’ pragmatic and psychometric properties.

Additional resources to support the use of KTA tools: 

Click here to view two summary tables that describe all of the tools included in the Leading Change Toolkit™, detail what they measure and identify in which of the KTA action cycle phase(s) they can be applied.   

Click here to read more about considerations for using KTA tools by change teams including the how-tos of selecting a tool, implementing it, and determining the next steps for follow-up. 

Tool - Summary page Tool - Pragmatic and psychometric details 

Team Check-Up Tool (TCT)*

Clinician Guideline Determinants Questionnaire* Clinician Guideline Determinants Questionnaire - PRAGMATIC AND PSYCHOMETRIC DETAILS*

*All of the above tools can also be considered for use during two other action cycle phases: 1) Barriers and facilitators to knowledge use and 2) Monitor knowledge use.