Practice tips

Practice tips
  • Enlist the support of formal leaders (e.g., managers, supervisors, chief nursing officers) and ensure they are involved and/or well informed in all processes related to this phase. 
  • Work with your team to clearly articulate the problem.
  • Think about what are the desired attitudes, knowledge, skills, behaviours, policies, outcomes to meet best practices.
  • Select a knowledge tool through a systematic, participatory practice.
  • Clarify the following:
    1. What is the knowledge-to-practice gap?
    2. Who needs to be involved to address this knowledge gap?
    3. What specific behaviours do those individuals/groups need to change to reduce the gap?
    4. And how does this differ from what they are currently doing?
    5. When and where do these behaviours need to be performed?
  • Engage champions and recruit staff members who express a need for change. Work as a team and split up the work so that small groups look at different issues, like documentation, education and communication.
  • Choose someone who has good facilitation skills to help your group identify gaps in practice and processes.

SOURCES: Bajnok et al., 2018b; Grimshaw & Presseau, 2018; Kitson & Straus, 2013.