Linking this phase to other framework components

Linking this element to other framework components

Linking this phase to the elements of the Social Movement Action Framework

You and your change team’s capacity in the ‘Identifying the problem’ phase may be enhanced and/or accelerated by the addition of some of the elements of the Social Movement Action (SMA) Framework, as the two frameworks are complementary. In addition to the linking example described earlier in this section, there can be many other points of connection between the two frameworks. Below are three more examples for your consideration:   

  • Urgent need to take action: To identify priority areas for change, change teams can also consider areas of shared concern or strongly desired change. The shared concern or strongly desired change is seen as credible, valued and one that must be addressed urgently. This urgency creates a mounting pressure and support for change that can act as a strong foundation or starting point towards action.  
  • Change is valued and necessary: When a change team identifies a problem or shared concern that is valued and recognized as positively impacting outcomes at the micro, meso, and/or macro levels, it can leverage people to start supporting the cause and becoming engaged in the change.
  • Framing: Framing or positioning the identified problem in ways that emphasize it as a credible change that matters to people and can positively impact outcomes can be a value-add in this planning phase of change. 

For more discussion about the dynamic links between the elements of the SMA Framework to the KTA Framework, see the section ‘Accelerate your success with the Leading Change Toolkit™’.

Getting Ready for the Next Phase: Once you have identified your problem and selected the practice you want to implement and/or change, you are now ready to assess the local context. This upcoming phase can help you and your change team to think about how your practice change can be effectively used in your setting, and to assess whether your setting is ready for this practice change.