Who is the Leading Change Toolkit™ for?

The Leading Change Toolkit™ is for anyone who cares about making evidence-informed changes to improve outcomes in health care. This includes:

Change agents:

  • informal and formal leaders of change initiatives
  • health providers and clinicians of all disciplines working in any health sector or setting
  • educators and students
  • persons with lived experience and their families
  • other people who work within health organizations and communities and want to make a difference including researchers, administrators, and policy makers

Change teams:

  • people who share a common vision for change 
    • may also be referred to as implementation teams, implementation committees, steering committees or project teams
who is the leading change toolkit for?
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What is the purpose of the Leading Change Toolkit™?

To give change agents and change teams the evidence, tools and strategies they need to make lasting improvements in health care. Outcomes of using the toolkit include:

  • accelerated change;
  • excellence in care;
  • positive outcomes for persons/patients, providers, and organizations;
  • vibrant engagement of staff at the point-of-care;
  • meaningful participation of persons/patients and families to support the change process; and 
  • the development of evidence-informed cultures and safety cultures.

How will my change team benefit from using the Leading Change Toolkit™?

The Leading Change Toolkitcombines approaches from two unique but complementary implementation frameworks. This can help you: 

  • use an organized and planned approach to making change
  • use social movement approaches to build motivation and commitment to change 
  • create meaningful partnerships with persons/patients and families to make positive change
  • strengthen your own skills and confidence in using evidence to achieve change

Using these approaches can also maximize the impact of your change initiative by: 

  • improving teamwork
  • bridging the evidence-to-practice gap
  • improving outcomes
  • making positive changes that will last

Who developed the Leading Change Toolkit™?

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) developed the Leading Change Toolkit™ in partnership with Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC). An Expert Panel of international experts in clinical practice, academia, policy and people with lived experience led this project. An RNAO/HEC project team supported development, which was also informed by multiple stakeholders and organizations.

How was the Leading Change Toolkit™ developed?

The RNAO research team conducted four reviews to find reliable evidence for the Leading Change Toolkit™. We engaged future users and experts throughout its development for guidance and feedback. 

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