Finding what you need

Welcome to the Leading Change Toolkit™: To help change agents and change teams make lasting improvements in health care. The Leading Change Toolkit™ is an online, open-access evidence-informed implementation resource. It focuses on the uptake and sustainability of knowledge - or evidence - and uses two complementary frameworks to help you accelerate your success.

The Leading Change Toolkit™ consists of four sections: About this toolkit, The Social Movement Action Framework, The Knowledge-to-Action Framework, and Engaging persons with lived experience.  Let’s look at each one so you can find the content you need.

About this toolkit

In the "About this toolkit" section you will find:

Name of section Content
Finding what you need in the Leading Change Toolkit

An overview of the four sections of the Leading Change Toolkit™.   

Who is the Leading Change Toolkit for?    

A description of the target audience of the Leading Change Toolkit™, including change teams, change agents and others engaged in knowledge uptake and sustainability.

Accelerate your success with two complementary frameworks
  • A discussion of the two frameworks featured in the Leading Change Toolkit™ and how they can accelerate your success.
  • A checklist for change agents that outlines what it takes to use both frameworks successfully.
  • A case scenario that applies the two complementary frameworks to support knowledge uptake and sustainability.   
  • A decision-making tool for change teams not ready to use both frameworks. 
  • A summary of framework fundamentals and how frameworks can support and guide a change initiative.
  • Examples of how each of the two frameworks and their components can be applied to a clinical concern.    

Glossary of terms

An alphabetical listing of definitions, including brief in-text definitions of the key terms used in the Leading Change Toolkit™. (You can access the definitions by hovering over the underlined text throughout the toolkit webpages.)


The abbreviations used in the Leading Change Toolkit.


The references that are included in the Leading Change Toolkit.

Leading Change Toolkit™ development process A description of the methodologies used to inform and support the development of the Leading Change Toolkit™ as an evidence-based resource.  
Leading Change Toolkit Statements of Interest

Statements of interest including:

  • Copyright
  • Citation
  • Disclaimer
  • Land acknowledgment
  • Conflict of interest  
Evaluating the Leading Change Toolkit A description of how change agents can share their feedback on the Leading Change Toolkit™, including an online survey.
Message from the co-sponsors and the co-chairs Messages from the Leading Change Toolkit™ co-sponsors and expert panel co-chairs.
About RNAO and CPSI/HEC A description of the history of the collaborations between the Leading Change Toolkit™ project co-sponsors, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) and Healthcare Excellence Canada (HEC) (formerly Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI)).
Leading Change Toolkit™ Expert Panel A list of the members of the national and international expert panel for the Leading Change Toolkit™.
Leading Change Toolkit™ Development Team The members of the Leading Change Toolkit™ development team.
Acknowledgments A list of the contributors to the development of the Leading Change Toolkit™ content and online web pages.
Stakeholders A list of the individuals who provided feedback on the Leading Change Toolkit™ as external stakeholders.