Additional resources

Additional resources
Building a collaborative change team
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Developing and Sustaining Interprofessional Health Care: Optimizing patients/clients, organizational, and system outcomes

This RNAO guideline identifies best practices to enable, enhance and sustain teamwork and interprofessional collaboration.

Three sets of skills for successful improvement-cut-out pyramid

  1. Overview of pyramid
  2. Research details and downloadable cut-out pyramid

This pyramid outlines three categories of skills that are needed for quality improvement initiatives: Technical skills, soft skills and learning skills.

The pyramid can be cut out and used to guide you in developing your change team.

TeamSTEPPS TeamSTEPPS is an acronym for Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety. TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based teamwork system program developed to improve collaboration and communication relating to patient safety.

Leadership resources
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Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership: Tips and Tools

This resource is based on the RNAO Best Practice Guideline: Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership, 2nd ed. (2013)

It applies to all levels and roles of nursing leadership.

It outlines the five practices of transformational leaders and includes a leadership self assessment tool.

Acquiring the resources you need
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Budget planning table

This budget template can be used to systematically assess the costs associated with implementation.

Business case development checklist

This checklist can be used to develop a business case that explains the rationale behind a proposed practice change.
Setting up infrastructure
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Patient Safety Culture "Bundle" for CEOs and Senior Leaders This evidence-based resource outlines what CEOs and senior leaders can do to create the conditions to build a patient safety culture. It addresses contextual factors such as leadership behaviours, human resources, and infrastructure supports.

RNAO Best Practice Champions resources
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RNAO Best Practice Champion Network®

RNAOs Best Practice Champions Network is a global network made up of thousands of nurses and other health-care providers who are passionate about evidence-based practice and improving care in their organization. Once an individual completes the Best Practice Champion training (free of charge), they are automatically registered in the Network.

Practical resources for adaptation
Approach & source Description When to use this approach
The ADAPTE process

A systematic approach used to evaluate guidelines and adapt available guidelines to the local context,
The approach:

  • helps preserve the integrity of the guidance
  • engages end-users in the adaption process

Includes three phases: planning and set-up, adaption, and development of a final product.

This approach may be most appropriate for large organizations or academic settings or to support guideline adaption by a region or country. It incorporates the AGREE II appraisal tool.