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Bringing the best knowledge to nursing and healthcare: Enhancing practice and improving health and system outcomes.

The NBPRC is a unique collaboration between researchers and educators at the University of Ottawa and the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario.

Tobacco consumption is on the rise globally, with approximately 5.8 trillion (5,800,000,000,000) cigarettes smoked in 2014 (World Lung Foundation, 2015)1. Approximately 4.2 million Canadians, 15 years of age and older (14.6 percent) were current smokers in 2013, which is the lowest overall rate ever recorded (Reid, Hammond, Rynard, & Burkhalter, 2015)2.

RNAO’s nursing order sets are an unprecedented, innovative addition to the BPG Implementation Toolkit. Nursing order sets make it easier to translate evidence into nursing practice by providing clear, concise, actionable evidence-based intervention statements that can be readily incorporated into various practice settings. For example, Practice Recommendation 2.0 in the Smoking Cessation BPG states:

Nursing Quality Indicators for Reporting and Evaluation (NQuIRE) is the first international quality improvement initiative of its kind consisting of a database of quality indicators derived from recommendations within RNAO’s clinical Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs).

The RNAO and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) partnered between 2010-2012 for the national Prevention of Elder Abuse Centres of Excellence (PEACE) initiative, involving ten long-term care homes across Canada. Funding was provided by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon for Seniors Program, Federal Elder Abuse Initiative.