Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Nurse Peer Leader Project: Advancing Clinical e-Functions & Patient e-Services

The RNAO, in partnership with Canada Health Infoway, has established a nurse peer leader network that will enhance patient-centred, evidence-based wound care management using advanced clinical e-functions (e-clinical decision support and e-clinical analytics) and patient e-services (e-views). The network will increase the use of International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP®)-encoded nursing order sets (NOS), an e-clinical decision support resource, derived from the RNAO evidence-based best practice guidelines (BPGs).

Nursing order sets were developed to aid BPG implementations in electronic environments and are comprised of clinically relevant nursing assessments and interventions for a variety of topics. Project outcomes will be monitored and evaluated using RNAO's Nursing Quality Indicators for Reporting and Evaluation (NQuIRE®) data system of structure, process and outcome indicators, in conjunction with other indicators derived from Infoway's benefits evaluation framework.

The RNAO network aims to support clinician and patient engagement to improve wound care management and health outcomes by:

  • Enhancing clinician engagement and adoption of e-clinical decision support resources in the form of NOS.
  • Providing education to support clinicians' effective use of patient e-views to enhance self-management and self monitoring of foot ulcers or pressure injuries.
  • Increasing clinicians' awareness of strategies that promote advanced clinical e-functions and patient e-services both provincially and nationally.
  • Enhancing clinician engagement and adoption of e-clinical analytics to monitor the impact of BPG implementations through key indicators and to use the outcome data for continuous quality improvement.

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