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Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

The Nursing and eHealth Project

The mandate of the Nursing and eHealth Project, which is funded by eHealth Ontario, is to facilitate the nursing profession’s involvement in the Ontario eHealth agenda and to support nurses to take a leadership role in the design, implementation, adoption and sustainability of integrated digital health systems (e.g. electronic medical records) in all health-care sectors and schools of nursing in Ontario.

As a change management initiative, the Nursing and eHealth Project has employed a systematic approach that has been strategically focused on realizing the following outcomes across all health‐care sectors and settings:

  • More active engagement of nursing leadership in all aspects of eHealth;
  • Increased awareness of the benefits of eHealth among nurses;
  • Increased eHealth expertise among nurses to more effectively participate in the design, implementation, adoption and sustainability of digital health systems and resources such as electronic medical records;
  • Greater efficiency in the utilization of digital health systems for the delivery of safe, high quality evidence-based care.


Nursing & eHealth Project Logic Model
Nursing & eHealth Multi-Level Outcome Model