Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Promoting the Awareness of Elder Abuse in Long-Term Care

The RNAO and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) partnered between 2010-2012 for the national Prevention of Elder Abuse Centres of Excellence (PEACE) initiative, involving ten long-term care homes across Canada. Funding was provided by the Government of Canada’s New Horizon for Seniors Program, Federal Elder Abuse Initiative.

The PEACE project focused on increasing awareness among nurses and other front line care providers in the important role they play in recognizing and responding to elder abuse, providing resources to front-line service providers, victims and their families, and ensuring the dignity and respect in the care of older persons. Outcomes for this collaborative project include practice changes and increased confidence of staff in responding to instances of abuse.See the PEACE curriculum.

The RNAO Long-Term Care Best Practices Initiative is revising the curriculum specifically for the Ontario long-term care context. Get more information on the Long-Term Care Practice Initiative.

Building on this project in long-term care, RNAO is currently developing a best practice guideline on abuse and neglect of older adults. The BPG will focus on recognizing, managing and preventing the abuse and neglect of older adults throughout various health care institutions and community settings in Canada.

Get more information on this BPG.

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