Practice tips

Practice tips
  • Prioritize evaluation and the resources needed to conduct evaluations.
  • Strive to maintain timelines for conducting evaluations and analyzing results as timely feedback can help to support the practice change.
  • Utilize, where possible, existing data systems such as clinical and administrative databases. This can reduce the costs and human resources needed to collect data.  
  • Consider conducting multiple evaluations for long-term change initiatives (each separated with a specified time apart).
  • Select the most appropriate indicators that you will use when conducting your evaluations.
  • When evaluating practice changes, consider all three indicator types from the Donabedian framework.
  • Commit to collecting and analyzing data from the perspectives of all involved stakeholders including persons/patients, health-care providers, and health system to determine if the knowledge use has been successful and the desired outcomes have been reached. 
  • Remember to include planning for evaluation as part of your implementation strategy. This will help ensure that there are adequate resources allocated.