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Diabetes and its treatment will be your constant companions and will most likely lead
you to experience certain emotions.

Examine sustainability of guideline implementation through strategies associated with sustainability.
Using the Ottawa Model,learn a framework for sustainability and investigate considerations for evaluating success.

These brochures (Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership Tips and Tools & Point-of-Care Leadership Tips and Tools for Nurses) are designed to describe evidence-based practices that nurses performing both formal and informal nursing leadership roles can use to enhance their skills. Leadership practices are relationship-based and are fundamental for transforming nurses’ work settings into healthy work environments.

Establish a robust resident falls prevention program on your resident care unit or across your entire long-term care home.

Leading Change Toolkit™   (3rd edition) 

A third edition of the toolkit, called the Leading Change Toolkit, was released in October 2021 and is an online evidence-based resource available to anyone engaged in a change initiative for lasting improvement.