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Six reasons nurses make the best travel buddies

People count on nurses to care for them during the most difficult times in their lives. But if you're lucky enough to be friends with a nurse, you'll know they are also great to have around during the fun times.

With a diverse set of skills and an intrepid spirit, here are some reason why nurses make the best partners for a travelling adventure:

1. Nurses always have first aid supplies.

Scrape your knee while hiking a volcano? You can count on your nurse travel partner to have a backpack full of bandages, disinfectants and all varieties of creams and ointments

2. They stay calm under pressure.

Your train is leaving in five minutes. You left your passport in the hostel bathroom. And that meal from the street stall isn't sitting right. Stressed? The nurse beside you -- who deals with worse than this on an 'easy' shift -- is cool and collected.

3. Culture shock is not a problem.

Health-care settings are extremely multicultural places, and nurses work with a cross-section of the world. They are respectful of all cultures, and probably know at least a few words in multiple languages.

4. Nurses are used to long days on their feet.

On an average shift, a nurse might do a few thousand laps of their unit. So walking a few city blocks while sightseeing in a new city is no issue.

5. They don't get jetlagged.

Once you've switched from a rotation of night shifts to a string of day shifts, jumping a few time zones suddenly doesn't seem so disorienting

6. Two words: hand hygiene.

You won't have to worry about picking up any travel bugs with the a nurse constantly reminding you to wash your hands.