Action Alert: There is no space for hate in Ontario, Premier!

Across the province, communities are rallying peacefully to reaffirm their commitment to safe space, compassion and inclusion for all Ontarians, including 2SLGBTQI+ kids. We speak out loudly and clearly against hate in all its expressions – especially when directed at vulnerable children and youth. We echo the message reverberating across the province that there is “no space for hate in Ontario.”

Join us! Call on Premier Ford to ensure that the rights of all our kids to safety and support, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are protected.

Nurses are speaking in one voice against all forms of hate and discrimination. We are gravely concerned by the recent targeting of policies and programs designed to support transgender children and youth in Ontario schools. RNAO deplores the actions of politicians who are manipulating issues of gender identity in schools to mobilize their base by promoting intolerance and bigotry.

The rights of 2SLGBTQI+ communities, including transgender children and youth, are human rights. All individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, have the right to feel safe and supported. RNAO research shows that Ontario’s educators have an important role in creating a safe space for 2SLGBTQI+ youth.

Join us! Call on Premier Ford to support educators and school boards to support our kids, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Copy will be sent to the following:

Hon. Doug Ford
premier of Ontario and provincial minister of intergovernmental affairs
Hon. Sylvia Jones
deputy premier and minister of health
Marit Stiles
MPP and leader of the official opposition
Chandra Pasma
MPP and NDP education critic
France Gélinas
MPP and Ontario New Democratic Party health critic
Sarah Jama
MPP and NDP youth critic
John Fraser
interim party leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and MPP for Ottawa South
Adil Shamji
MPP and Ontario Liberal Party critic on health and northern and Indigenous issues
Mike Schreiner
MPP and leader of the Green Party of Ontario
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