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Nurse Educator eHealth Resource


The Nurse Educator eHealth Resource is intended to support faculty with the integration of eHealth knowledge and skills into entry-level curricula and to raise awareness among nursing faculty as to the significance of national and provincial eHealth directions and their impact on nursing practice.

Who will benefit from using the Nurse Educator Resource?

This Resource is intended to support nursing faculty introduce and integrate key eHealth concepts relevant to nursing practice, into the undergraduate nursing curriculum. Nursing faculty, nursing students, nurses and other members of the health-care team and ultimately the patients served will all benefit from this Resource as students taught by informed faculty will be effective adopters of eHealth innovations.

While this Resource has been developed in the context of the Ontario experience, it is expected that the content will be largely portable to other parts of the country, and will assist faculty in other jurisdictions. The Resource may also facilitate faculty capacity building in this area in other countries.

Each section includes up to date, well-researched information about eHealth along with specific suggestions for integration of content into the curriculum including:

  • Student learning objectives
  • Course placement
  • Possible assignments
  • Cases studies and points for discussion
  • Teaching tips

Nurse Educator eHealth Resource
Nurse Educator eHealth Resource (French)