Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Translation of BPGs by International Partners

The International Affairs & Best Practice Guidelines Program (IABPG) is a signature program of RNAO focused on the development, dissemination, implementation and evaluation of clinical and healthy work environment best practice guidelines (BPGs).

As guidelines are freely available to the international nursing community, several countries have expressed an interest in translating the RNAO clinical and/or healthy work environment best practice guidelines into languages that will support local implementation. In order to enable broader international uptake of these valuable evidence-based resources, the RNAO has established a process for translation by international partners.

This process involves the following steps:

  1. The international partner identifies the guideline(s) that they are interested in translating to a language that will support local uptake.
  2. The international partner is required to notify the RNAO, in writing, of their interest in translating the identified guideline(s). This notification is to be sent to the attention of the Director International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Program
  3. Based on this notification of interest, the RNAO will initiate a letter of agreement that summarizes the requirements for translation. This will outline the responsibilities of both the international partner and the RNAO in relation to the translation process.
  4. The international partner will translate the guideline(s) into their chosen language, using their own resources.
  5. The international partner will forward the translated guideline to the RNAO for review and verification of the content. This step is essential to ensure that the translated document reflects the intent of the guideline recommendations, and the evidence that supports the recommendations.
  6. The RNAO will validate the draft translation, using language and content experts.
    The costs for the validation of the translation are the responsibility of the international partner organization.
  7. Once validated and approved by both parties, an introductory letter will be developed for the guideline by both the RNAO and the international partner. This provides an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of the international partner, in collaborating to translate the guideline.
  8. The RNAO will be responsible for, and fund the design and layout of the translated guideline to ensure consistency with the IABPG program branding. The logo or visual identify of the international partner will be included in the final version in order to acknowledge their contribution.
  9. The international partner is to be available, as required; to participate in the proof-reading process once the guideline is in the design phase (validate that the translation has been correctly interpreted in the final document format).
  10. The final translated guideline will be published on the RNAO website and on the website (or equivalent) of the partnering organization. It is the intent that the translated version will be made available, free of charge, to the international nursing and health care community.
  11. The RNAO will include the translated guideline in their dissemination program.
  12. The RNAO will notify the international partner when the translated guideline is due for a regularly scheduled review/update. This will ensure that all translated guidelines are current.

Downloadable Files:
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