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The aim of this Evidence Booster is to examine the quality of partnerships with persons and families experiencing care through implementation of the RNAO BPG Client Centred Care (2006) and Person- and Family- Centred Care (2015), in one Ontario long-term care (LTC) and one Ontario hospital Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®).

The purpose of the Best Practice Guideline Implementation to Reduce Falls in Older Adults is to increase all nurses' confidence, knowledge, skills, and abilities in the identification of older adults within health-care facilities at risk for falling and to define interventions for the prevention of falling.

The aim of this Evidence Booster is to examine changes in health outcomes associated with the implementation of the RNAO best practice guidelines (BPG) Prevention of Falls and Fall Injuries in the Older Adult (2011) and Preventing Falls and Reducing Injury from Falls (2017)in two hospital Best Practice Spotlight Organizations (BPSO)®.

Risk Assessment & Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

The BPG Risk Assessment and Prevention of  Pressure Ulcers assists nurses who work in diverse practice settings to identify adults who are risk of pressure ulcers (current terminology used is pressure injuries). Direction is provided to nurses in defining early interventions for pressure injury prevention, and to manage Stage I pressure injuries.

The purpose of this guideline is to provide evidence-based recommendations for nurses and other members of the interprofessional team who are assessing and managing people with the presence, or risk of, any type of pain.