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Capitalize proper names, government departments and agencies of government, names of associations, companies, clubs, religions, languages, nations, races, places and addresses. Otherwise lowercase is favoured where a reasonable option exists.

Common nouns – program, committee – are capitalized when part of a proper name: Legal Assistance Program, Editorial Advisory Committee. They are normally lowercased when standing alone: the program's success, the committee's spokesperson.

The names of national legislative bodies, including some short forms, are capitalized. For example: House of Commons, the House, the Commons. Provincial legislatures and local councils are lowercased. For example: Quebec national assembly, Toronto city council.

National and provincial government departments and agencies are capitalized: Health Canada, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Local government departments and boards are lowercased: parks and property department.

Awards and decorations are capitalized. For example: Order of Canada. University degrees are lowercased except when abbreviated. For example: master of nursing, a master's degree; doctor of philosophy, PhD.

Please refer to RNAO's glossary to learn more.