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RNAO responds to the 2022 federal and provincial budgets

In April, the federal and provincial governments shared their 2022 budgets.

Federal government’s budget
On April 7, the federal government tabled its 2022 budget, which commits to dental care, child care and co-operative housing – a commitment RNAO applauds in its official response. However, RNAO says the budget lacks commitments to: improve the long-term care sector, fund national pharmacare, provide sufficient increase in health transfers, and address the climate emergency.

As mentioned in the media release, nurses are pleased with the government’s decision to reduce child care costs, as well as provide dental care for low-income Canadians. These moves are “essential for a person’s health and well-being,” says RNAO CEO Dr. Doris Grinspun. 

RNAO welcomes that the federal budget prioritizes housing – a critical determinant of health – through co-operative housing, but misses the opportunity to address the environmental determinants of health through lack of urgent action on climate change. “The measures put forth do not come to terms with the catastrophic consequences of inaction on global warming,” says RNAO President Morgan Hoffarth.

For RNAO’s full response, read the media release

Provincial government’s budget
On April 28, the provincial government tabled its 2022 budget, which offers hope for challenges facing the nursing profession, yet RNAO says in its official response that much more is needed to overcome the immense crisis and shortage facing Ontario’s nursing profession and the devastating impact on the public.

In the media release, Grinspun says “We need to do everything we can to retain our colleagues in the profession,” and notes the silver lining of both the 35 per cent increase in nursing applications for baccalaureate nursing programs and the 26,000 internationally educated nurses living in Ontario, all of whom are eager to begin practising. Immediate action is needed on both fronts for the health of Ontarians, as well as the repeal of Bill 124. 

For RNAO’s full response on the government’s investments, read the media release

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