Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Palliative Care Facilitated Access (PCFA) Program

NPs in Ontario are eligible to register for the PCFA prescriber list if they meet certain criteria. The MOHLTC Ontario Public Drugs Program outlines the eligibility criteria for NPs.

A nurse practitioner who wishes to be added to the PCFA prescriber list must:

  • Hold a current certification in the extended class [RN(EC)] with the College of Nurses of Ontario; and
  • Be authorized to prescribe controlled drugs and substances; and
  • Have no restrictions on the NP certification that impact their ability to practice; and
  • Provide evidence of continuing education in palliative and end-of-life care.

In addition, the nurse practitioner must:

  • Provide 20 or more palliative care consults in a year; or
  • Provide 30-50 or more palliative care visits in a year; or
  • Have been identified by the NP's employer as an NP provider of palliative care; or
  • Work in collaboration with a Palliative Care Physician or PCFA-approved NP.

NPs must resubmit information annually to demonstrate their continued compliance with the above eligibility requirements in order to maintain their PCFA NP prescriber registration. The renewal period is during the month of February each year.

Eligible NPs who wish to register as PCFA prescribers can do so now through RNAO at

If you are already registered as a PCFA prescriber through RNAO, you can submit your renewal at

For more information about the NP PCFA prescriber list, please contact us using this form.