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Ontario Ministry of Health’s “Axe the Fax” Assessment Survey

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has initiated an analysis of the current state and drivers of fax use to identify potential options for phasing out fax use in Ontario’s health system. 
As part of Phase 1: Current State Assessment, MOH is looking for your support to participate in the “Axe the Fax” Assessment Survey. The purpose of the survey is to obtain input from a variety of stakeholders across the Ontario health sector to better understand the current state of fax use. Specifically, as part of this survey, input will be collected from respondents to:

  • better understand the purpose and key use cases for fax use and estimated fax volumes
  • gain knowledge about the key drivers, challenges and causal factors that are causing fax to remain a staple
  • better understand the impact of fax use on patients, providers, and the overall health system

Survey instructions

  1. Please go online to complete the survey. 
  2. There are a total of 24 questions, which should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  3. The survey will close on Wednesday May 4, at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  4. MOH recommends completing the survey on a computer, using Chrome as the preferred browser (vs. your smartphone).
  5. Please note that the information provided in this survey will be kept anonymous; however, data trends and direct quotes may be used in MOH’s Current State Assessment report.
  6. If you have any issues accessing or completing the survey, please contact the Deloitte project team (

Who should be completing this survey? Individuals who currently use fax and have knowledge of key information, such as:

  • key drivers / reasons for continued fax use
  • impact of fax use, such as time spent sending / receiving / sorting faxes
  • estimated fax volume by stakeholder and primary reasons for using fax

What information will be collected from this survey? The survey includes three sections:

  1. Background questions: Upfront questions to set the context of your care setting, organization, region, and role
  2. Organizational/practice-level information*: Questions to gather insights into organizational / practice-level data
  3. Singular practice (e.g., clinic, unit, lab, pharmacy, home care facility, specialist clinic) that is part of a larger organization
  4. Entire organization (e.g., all areas of your hospital, all physicians within your family health team, all units of your mental health centre)
  5. Personal experience questions: Questions to gather insights into your personal experience using fax

*Note: You may need to collect information from individuals within your organization or practice (e.g., IT department, administrative staff) to complete this section of the survey. To support this, your survey responses will be saved to allow you to leave and come back to finish the survey at any point before the survey closure date.
Please note that responses to the questions within this survey should include cumulative data on both traditional paper-based fax and electronic fax (e-fax).

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