Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Soins axés sur les besoins de la personne et de la famille

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The Person-and Family-Centred Care best practice guideline can be used to enhance the quality of partnerships between health-care providers with individuals accessing care, ultimately improving clinical outcomes.

It is important to acknowledge that person- and family-centred care focuses on the whole person as a unique individual and not just on their illness or disease. By viewing the individual through this lens, health-care providers come to know and understand the person’s life story, experience of health, the role of family in the person’s life, and the role they may play in supporting the person to achieve health.

This guideline provides best practice recommendations in three main areas:

  • Practice recommendations are directed primarily to those who provide direct care to persons in health-system settings and in the community.
  • Education recommendations are directed to those responsible for staff and student education.
  • System, organization, and policy recommendations apply to managers, administrators, policy-makers, nursing regulatory bodies, academic institutions, and government bodies.

Recommendations in these three areas are most effective when implemented together.

This guideline replaces the previous BPG Client Centred Care.