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Magazine - Best story - Maclean’s

Health is a topic that intimately affects all of us, and yet certain aspects - whether it’s the workings of the health-care system, or the latest study on a new treatment or drug - can feel inaccessible at times.

In their winning piece, Kate Lunau and Martin Patriquin explore the importance of vaccination by telling the story of a recent measles outbreak in Quebec, called the worst in the Americas in 20 years. The outbreak was blamed on falling vaccination rates, a public health issue that isn’t unique to just Quebec.

Kate and Martin agree that by using expert commentary, new research, and above all, good storytelling, health reporting can create a window into important and sometimes controversial issues.

Kate is associate editor at Maclean’s, where she covers topics including health and science. Before joining this national magazine, she was a city reporter at the Montreal Gazette. Martin is the Quebec bureau chief for Maclean’s.