Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowships

The ACPF is designed to provide a Registered Nurse (RN) with a focused self-directed learning experience to develop clinical, leadership or best practice guideline implementation knowledge and skills, with support from a mentor(s), the organization where the RN is employed, and the RNAO.  This initiative is aimed at developing and promoting nursing knowledge and expertise, and improving client care and outcomes in Ontario. Clients are defined as individuals, families, groups or communities.

The length of the program is 12 weeks (full time) or 20 weeks (part time) for a total of 450 hours. Broadly identified target areas for these Fellowships include the Government of Ontario high needs areas of: Emergency Care, Gerontology, Home Health Care, Mental Health Care, Primary Health Care, and Marginalized Populations.

The next RFP will be released in November 2014. Please check this site regularly for updates.

Once the RFP is released, all proposal development workshops are listed on our events calendar.
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