We commend the courage of every person who has spoken up about instances of sexual assault and sexual harassment that they have experienced. This is abuse, pure and simple. No one should live in fear, or feel taken advantage of by someone who exercises undue power over them, including nurses.

    The ultimate goal of campaigns such as #MeToo is to empower people to speak out and one day, have fewer people who say “MeToo”. This is why RNAO is calling on all nurses to stand up and speak out.

    RNAO is looking for nurses, health providers, breastfeeding peer supporters, and other stakeholders to provide their feedback on a best practice guideline focused on breastfeeding.

    The BPG, entitled Supporting the Initiation, Exclusivity, and Sustainment of Breastfeeding for Infants and Young Children (third edition), provides nurses and breastfeeding peer supporters with recommendations on effective ways to support initial and exclusive breastfeeding to six months, and sustained breastfeeding, to two years and beyond.

    RNAO is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of the best practice guideline Crisis Intervention for Adults Using a Trauma-Informed Approach: Initial Four Weeks of Care.

    This edition focuses on how nurses and the interprofessional team can provide effective trauma-informed crisis interventions (immediately and up to four weeks post-crisis) in adults (18 years and older) across all care settings, in order to optimize evidence-based practices and clinical outcomes.