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    RNAO condemns the Oct. 3 bombing of an MSF (Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Afghanistan where 22 people - patients and staff - were needlessly and tragically killed.

    It's not enough for political leaders to offer their condolences.

    With the federal election almost here, RNAO is urging members to get informed, get registered and vote.

    To help you make an informed decision, RNAO has put together a comparison of the four major party platforms and their positions on health, health-care, social and environmental issues.

    Understanding individuals who use substances is the focus of a new series of champion workshops offered by RNAO's IaBPG centre

    Scheduled from Oct. 2, to Jan. 22, five foundational and one advanced workshop will be free for members to attend.

    During these workshops, nurses will learn about how to provide safe, ethical and competent care to clients in clinical settings that use substances.

    Participants will also gain knowledge about the stigma surrounding substance use, licit and illicit drugs that are used and the best practices related to screening.