Celebrating 90 Years


    A number of Toronto-area hospitals have engaged in medical tourism – raising millions of dollars by actively seeking and treating international patients on a pay-for-care basis. RNAO worries this represents a shift to for-profit health care, creating a system where those who pay access care ahead of others.

    Canada's legislators must have the right information in order to enact healthy public policy that benefits all Canadians. That's why RNAO is supporting Bill C-626, MP Ted Hsu's private member's bill that aims to reinstate the long-form census.

    Canadian singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright will play a special concert Friday, Feb. 6 in Toronto to benefit Patients Canada, an organization that encourages patient and caregiver engagement in the health-care system.

    The performance will honour Wainwright's late mother, Kate McGarrigle, a fellow musician and Patients Canada's founding patron. Wainwright will be joined by his father, Loudon Wainwright, and friend Chaim Tannenbaum.