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Using RNs results in improved clinical and financial outcomes

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    Pollinators are essential to the food supply, yet in recent years, they have been in serious decline in many places -- including Ontario. One factor in the decline is the widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides (often called "neonics"). In Ontario, they are used on 60 per cent of soybean crops and 99 per cent of corn crops, covering a crop area more than double the size of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

    To Ontario's RNs, NPs and nursing students, who work tirelessly to make this province healthier: we thank you. And during Nursing Week 2015, the entire province took the opportunity to give you the standing ovation you so deserve.
    Celebratory events were held across the province, and outstanding nurses were recognized by their colleagues and the public at large.

    Changes are coming to Ontario's home and community care sector. In May, the provincial government announced they would be following recommendations from the Expert Panel on Home and Community Care, chaired by nurse leader Gail Donner, aimed at much-needed improvements to this area of the health system.