As nurses, we know that we put ourselves at risk when working in different health-care settings; we witness trauma, suffering and death on a regular basis and sometimes we may experience physical violence. That’s why RNAO is urging the provincial government to amend Bill 163 immediately to improve access to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment for nurses.

    With Nursing Week 2016 (May 9-15) fast approaching, RNs, NPs and nursing students can celebrate the 16th annual Take Your MPP To Work event.

    Members will once again be able to take their MPP to their workplace where he/she will see first-hand the skills and expertise needed to provide high quality health care to Ontarians every day.

    Do you work with unregulated care providers? Do you know the College of Nurses’ of Ontario‘s (CNO) standards on documentation?

    Members who were unable to attend the webinars to discuss these legal issues are welcome to watch the archived webinars now:

    Documentation in nursing practice