RNAO is Ontario’s professional nursing leader. As the collective voice of 41,000, RNAO speaks out for nursing and for health across the province. Because of members, we have been able to...

Best Practice Guidelines

Revolutionizing nursing through evidence. The Best Practice Guidelines program supports nurses by providing them with the best evidence available. We strive to enhance nursing practice through...


Our policy team uses a non-profit and non-partisan nursing lens for advocacy. We focus on social determinants of health, healthy policy and creating vibrant communities to advance the health of...


    Are you interested in being published in the Registered Nurse Journal? Each issue dedicates a page to your stories. And we want to include your story next.

    Known as In the End, and found on page 30, this one-page feature is an opportunity for RNs, NPs, and nursing students to tell others what nursing means to them. Is there a particular individual – patient or colleague – who comes to mind when you’re asked what nursing means to you? Is there a situation you can recall that had a profound effect on you, reminding you just why you decided to become a nurse?

    Ontario is forging a new path for health care in this province, and if we are to succeed, we must secure a robust primary care sector that is universal, accessible and equitable for all. Oustanding primary care is a hallmark of high-performing health systems across the world.

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