Student Member Benefits

RNAO student membership is only $21.60 per year!

It provides a number of valuable benefits, which include:

  • Career counseling services and resources
  • Educational opportunities
  • Political influence and action
  • Information, communications and outreach
  • Networking with nursing students and RNs
  • Best Practice Guidelines (BPG)
  • Involvement at provincial, local or interest group (IG) level

All RNAO student members also receive the student welcome package, which includes a Best Practice Guidelines CD, an issue of the Registered Nurse Journal, and a silver "NS" (nursing student) pin.

Get more familiar with RNAO student benefits by checking out the Benefit Guide for Undergraduate Nursing Students below.

To learn more about what RNAO does for its members, you can also watch the presentation, 'Welcome to RNAO Home Office'.
Please note, undergraduate nursing student members do not have access to liability protection or the Legal Assistance Program (LAP).

Downloadable Files:
RNAO_Membership_benefits_Sheet_for_UNS_2014.pdf53.83 KB