RNAO Recruitment Rewards

If you refer a friend to join the RNAO you can earn RNAO gift certificates, or even earn a FREE membership next year!

To make it easier, if you fill out the form below with your friend's details, we will send them a form pre-filled with your RNAO credentials. If they download the form, and use it to register, you will automatically earn these RNAO rewards.

You will get a $20 gift certificate for each RN and/or NP who uses this form to become a new member of RNAO. For each undergraduate nursing student who joins, the reward is $5. When you have recruited seven RNs and/or NPs to become a member of RNAO, your membership for 2016-2017 is FREE!If every member would recruit one or two members, we will double or triple our membership and voice to speak out for nursing and health! Thank you very much for speaking out to make a difference for our profession.

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