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What’s the news with H7N9 Avian Influenza?

RNAO is in constant contact with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care at all times of the year.

More recently, we have been staying in touch with the Ministry to stay on top of any news regarding the H7N9 Avian Influenza.

Premier Kathleen Wynne captures attention with big announcements at the RNAO AGM

Among the flurry of activity happening at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), one guest cut through the noise and made some headlines.

Honoured guest, the Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario entered the room and made her positive presence known with warm words and welcome announcements.

Premier Wynne announced her government will enhance the role of RNs by allowing them to dispense medications in certain instances.

Speaking out on the budget: Finding the Right Balance

We have a simple message: we want balance in the budget.

Yes, there must be balance between expenditures and revenue so that the debt and deficits don't get out of hand. But a balanced approach means more:

  • A balanced approach also asks what expenditures are necessary to maintain and build a healthy society.
  • A balanced approach asks how we pay for those services.
  • A balanced approach asks how much debt is appropriate and prudent.

RNAO Releases 2013 Platform - Why Your Health Matters

People consistently rank health care as a top priority. Nurses know this.

We want to kick start a conversation about its future by issuing a challenge to all political parties. The platform, Why Your Health Matters is a call to action to leaders of the political parties to collaborate and focus their work on matters that will improve the health of people and build an even stronger Ontario.

A challenge to all political parties

OPEN LETTER – Reject a New Casino for a Healthier Toronto

Dear Mayor Ford and Toronto City Council,

RNAO is the professional association for registered nurses who practise in all roles and sectors in Ontario. Our mandate is to advocate for healthy public policy and for the role of registered nurses in enhancing the health of Ontarians. This letter from Ontario’s nurses, including those who live and work in Toronto, is to urge you to reject a new casino due to the evidence of negative health and social impacts associated with problem gambling.

RNAO calls plan to outsource federal social programs a bad idea.

RNAO has published an Open Letter to let Honourable Diane Finley, P.C., M.P. know that nurses think privatization and outsourcing of social programs makes no sense.

The fact is that publicly-funded, not-for-profit delivery of essential social programs is a bargain for government and a winner for the public.

Read the letter

Enhancing Community Care for Ontarians (ECCO) Webcasts

Over the past month we have had the privilege of connecting with over 300 of our colleagues from CCACs and other areas of health system through teleconference and webcast.

Webcast #1 focusing on care co-ordination and health system navigation has been posted online and available to be viewed.

We are very pleased to share that RNAO will be hosting the second in a series of interactive webcasts related to the ECCO model on December 4, 2012 from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

RNAO nurse advises on elder abuse and neglect

RNAO’s own Josie Santos, a registered nurse and the lead manager for RNAO’s work on the prevention of elder abuse, will appear before the federal Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights on October 16, to offer the association’s views on preventing elder abuse and neglect.

RNAO says phasing out CCACs will lead to improved access and system integration

One of the key findings of a report titled, Enhancing Community Care for Ontarians (ECCO) released today hopes to achieve more than four million additional hours of home health care and support services if the Ministry of Health eliminates the costly duplication that currently exists within the province’s 14 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs).

The Council of the Federation supports recommendations from nursing community

On July 27, in Halifax, the Council of the Federation, comprised of Canada's premiers and territorial leaders, met to discuss how to further strengthen Medicare, our most cherished social program.

The premiers received a report from the Working Group on Health Care Innovation, 'From Innovation to Action,' which focuses on three areas of priority: clinical practice guidelines; team-based models; and health human resource management.

Primary Care Nursing Task Force Report

In the early months of 2012 we announced the launching a ground-breaking task force, bringing together key stakeholders to review the role of almost 4,300 primary care nurses (RNs and RPNs) currently practising in Ontario.

This task force was initiated in response to a growing concern over the under-utilization of thousands of primary care nurses; the task force recommends maximizing and expanding their role.

Now, this groundbreaking report focused on the work of primary care nurses is ready for release.

Nurses speak out for the environment and democracy

The federal government has moved quickly to pass Bill C-38, the Omnibus budget implementation bill entitled the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act. Rather than ensure the sustainability of Canada's social and environmental protections, this bill reduces funding and oversight - which is why we are asking you to sign the petition.


National Day of Action - June 18, 2012

Refugees will face drastic cuts to their health insurance.
Children will no longer be able to get their asthma medications.
Diabetics will no longer be able to take their insulin.
Many refugees will no longer have access to health care.

Urgent Action Required: Reject Dangerous Cuts to Refugee Health Care

Let Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty know that you are deeply concerned about the impacts of these cuts on the most vulnerable people in our communities.

Sign now!

What is RNAO doing? What can YOU do?

Sign the Action Alert - Let Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty hear from you.

Opioid Advice for Health-Care Providers

Nurses working with clients and patients with addiction issues may be interested in some information courtesy of the Ministry of Health.

After OxyContin was removed from the Canadian drug market, the province created a working group on narcotics addiction.

Working with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, this expert working group has prepared Opioid Advice for Health-Care Providers in English and French on the following topics:

The International Day Against Homophobia is May 17.

Take this opportunity to get people together and reach out, to help stop Homophobia.

Fondation Émergence promotes, mainly on a pan-Canadian level, the International Day Against Homophobia and encourages organisations and individuals to highlight this event in their environment.

Get involved!

Will you take a stand to stop LGBT bullying?

"Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others" - bullying.org

The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario is a member of the Ontario Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Coalition and supports efforts to stop LGBT bullying NOW!

What: A rally in Support of Gay-Straight Alliances and Bill 13/14
When: Saturday, May 12, 2012 1:00 pm
Where: Queen’s Park

Saturday, May 12, 2012 - A rally in Support of Gay-Straight Alliances and Bill 13/14

Toronto's community right to know about environmental toxics moves forward, with help from RNAO and partners

RNAO and Partners Keep Toronto’s Community Right to Know on Track.

Kingston Wins a Pesticide Bylaw - Thanks for your Help!

Thanks to Kingston Chapter and Kingston members who contacted Kingston City Council in support of a pesticide bylaw. The result was a very good pesticide bylaw that will protect people and the environment in Kingston from nonessential use of pesticides. The vote was 10-2, reflecting the broad support that pesticide bylaws have across the province.

Thanks for helping in the effort to enact a pesticide bylaw in Hamilton

Thanks for helping in the effort to enact a pesticide bylaw in Hamilton.
With the encouragement of Hamilton chapter and individual RNAO members, city councillors voted 12 -2 in favour of a pesticide bylaw on September 26.