Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


RNAO's impact on the public

How do nurses speak out for your health?

Ontario’s nurses are hard at work, both beside and away from the bedside. In fact, you may not be aware of important policies that have passed thanks, in part, to nurses’ expertise. Read on, and learn more about how registered nurses and their professional association are speaking out to ensure you are safe and healthy, but take note: this by no means an exhaustive list. The following points are meant to give you an idea of just some of the work Ontario’s RNs, NPs, and nursing students are doing that will positively influence your day-to-day health.

  • Ontario's universal health-care system is at risk due to dangerous for-profit ventures in our hospitals. See how RNAO is working to ban Medical Tourism.
  • Nurses helped persuade the Ontario government to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. How does this affect you?
  • Do you know that nurses can help you quit smoking for good? Thousands of nurses across Canada rely on RNAO’s best practice guideline with its proven strategies to help their clients.
  • Do you know RNAO urged Ontario’s Premier to raise the minimum wage in Ontario to $10/hour during a time when it was $8/hour?
  • Do you know that nurses believe in harm reduction and played a role in helping to keep Insite - Vancouver’s safe injection facility - open? RNAO was granted intervener status before the Supreme Court of Canada. Learn more
  • Do you know that nurses can help you if you have asthma? Air pollution triggers asthma attacks, which is why RNAO supports pollution prevention. Find out more about the association’s Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group.
  • Women in abusive situations don’t always know where to turn for help. Nurses are trained to ask questions about abuse and to provide resources to women in need.
  • Are you having trouble finding a health-care provider in your community? Learn about nurse practitioners (NP) and NP-led clinics.
  • What constitutes elder abuse? Find out what nurses are doing to help end elder abuse.
  • RNAO believes housing is a basic human right. Discover what nurses are doing to ensure all Ontarians have access to affordable housing.
  • Do you know that nurses have developed recommendations for preventing childhood obesity?
  • Learn more about how RNAO is ensuring mothers are well-supported when breastfeeding their babies, and how the association provides nurses with the most up-to-date evidence to give to patients.
  • Do you know RNAO continues to focus its attention on how RNs' role can be expanded to help ensure the system runs more smoothly?
  • Nurses should look for alternatives to restraints - when caring for people with behavioural challenges in health care - whenever possible.
  • Nurses have a key role to play in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes. Management of the disease is especially important because diabetes can lead to complications such as the risk of developing a foot ulcer.
  • Nurses are help to prevent falls in the older adult. An older adult falling can have an incredibly harmful impact on health.