Tamil Nurses Association of Ontario (TNAO)

TNAO is an affiliated interest group of RNAO. All members speak Tamil language.

This organization started off with 26 members in 2007 and it has now grown in to a 32 member association as of January 2008. All members are working in different areas such as emergency, cardiology, cardiac surgery, diabetic centre, geriatric, operating room, home care, family care centre, nursing homes, public health, intensive care unit, respiratory, renal dialysis etc.

We are committed to increasing the awareness of health within the Tamil community in Ontario. We do some health teaching in Tamil language and participate in Tamil events to extract the health needs of our community. We also help Tamil nurses who are educated outside of Ontario with the process to get the license in Ontario.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to educate and support Tamil community about health issues and encourage nursing education within the Tamil community

Objectives of Group:

  • Promote health and well-being within the Tamil community
  • Act as a liaison between Tamil community and health-care organization
  • Networking
  • Collaborate with other nursing organizations and groups
  • To encourage participation of Tamil nurses in education and research
  • Mentor new and potential Tamil nurses
  • Provide opportunities for members to exchange ideas and information concerning health-care and nursing issues in the context of international health experiences.

Students: We encourage enthusiastic fresh minds with bright ideas to join us to make the difference in our community. Please come forward and show your support!

Contact: Padmini Nadarajah President