Mental Health Nursing Interest Group (MHNIG)

Cost of Interest Group: $35 for RNs (of total fee, $15 goes to MHNIG, $20 goes to CFMHN); $17.50 for undergraduate nursing students
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MHNIG offers a network of professional resources, support, and access to financial assistance through bursaries and awards. The purpose of MHNIG is to actively promote partnerships that work towards improving the mental health and well-being of individuals, their families, and our communities. MHNIG membership gives you joint membership with the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses (CFMHN) – a national interest group of the Canadian Nurses Association which aims to further the standard of mental health nursing in Canada. RNAO-MHNIG membership provides you with provincial and national perspectives of psychiatric/mental health nursing.

A bi-annual newsletter is provided to members. Educational workshops are held as well as an annual provincial meeting. Satellite meetings are held across the province.

Interest Group Objectives:

  • As an interest group of RNAO, to actively support the initiatives of RNA
  • To provide a forum for communication and the exchange of ideas.
  • To lobby for improved mental health/psychiatric care in institutions and in the community.
  • To collaborate with mental health consumers/survivors, family groups, and other mental health professionals.
  • To lobby on behalf of mental health nursing for the recognition of and positive image of mental health nursing.
  • To promote awareness of the roles of mental health nurses and to serve as liaison with RNAO and CNA in promoting certification of mental health nurses.
  • To provide professional support for mental health nurses.
  • To promote professional growth and adaptation to changing health care trends.
  • To encourage formation of satellite groups throughout Ontario.
  • To support implementation of standards of practice for mental health nursing.
  • To encourage participation of mental health nurses in education and research.

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President: Aaron Clark
President-Elect: Sara Lamoureux

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