Home Care

Everyone in Ontario deserves to live in their home and with dignity. Studies show people can live longer, happier lives if they can ‘age in place’. We can help seniors and others living with chronic conditions remain at home, with access to the proper health services. Our vision means home care services are provided around-the-clock for those who need it.

Home Care

CCAC care co-ordinators are now fully transitioned into primary care and initiate home care and support services as needed.

The amount of home care and support services a person needs is determined by home-care agencies, clients and their families.

The CCAC structure is fully integrated into existing areas of the health system. LHINs are now responsible for whole-system planning, service agreements, funding, accountability monitoring, and evaluation.

Home-care agencies provide around-the-clock services required by clients, eliminating the need for multiple agencies to provide the help people need.

Palliative-care services are widely available.

LHINs renew contracts for home-care agencies based on their ability to provide publicly funded, not-for-profit services, quality outcomes, and successful accreditation.

The scope of practice of RNs working in home care is maximized and expanded, and their autonomy strengthened, so they can deliver a wide range of health services including diagnosing minor ailments and prescribing medications across the continuum, from pediatric care to palliative care.

Access to publicly funded and not-for-profit home care and support services is dramatically increased, eliminating situations where people are in and out of hospital in order to get the care they need.