Nurses taking a leadership role in the adoption of communication and informations systems.

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eHealth Champion received the 2013 Nursing Faculty eHealth Award11th Edition of the eHealth for Every Nurse Newsletter

Irmajean Bajnok

As this eleventh edition of eHealth for Every Nurse goes to press we are in the midst of implementing the seventh year of the Nursing and eHealth Project, made possible through the generous support from eHealth Ontario and previously from the Ministry of Health and Long Term

eHealth Ontario has recognized the tremendous work RNAO has done throughout the years in advancing nurse’ involvement in and support of eHealth adoption in health care.

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eHealth Champion received the 2013 Nursing Faculty eHealth Award

eHealth Champion received the 2013 Nursing Faculty eHealth Award

Tanya Costa

Dr. Aroha Page, RN, an active member of the RNAO eHealth Champion Network since 2009 was recently awarded the Nursing Faculty eHealth Award for 2013 in recognition of her outstanding commitment to eHealth education in Northern Ontario, provincially and nationally.

Dr. Page has successfully completed the Nursing and eHealth Education online course, participated in numerous eHealth-related webinars and attended the Level 1 and Level 2 eHealth Champion workshops.

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ClinicalConnect Expands Across South Western Ontario

ClinicalConnect Expands Across South Western Ontario

Dale Anderson
Marzena Cran

ClinicalConnect is a comprehensive data rich longitudinal Regional Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Currently data (labs, transcription, diagnostic imaging, oncology reports, medications, admissions, visits and more) is integrated from over 28 hospitals, 2 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) and 3 cancer treatment centres within Southwestern Ontario encompassing multiple Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) representing over 2.3 million patients.

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Continuing the Journey Toward a Paperless Patient Record in Northwestern Ontario

Krysta Logozzo

The Northwest Health Alliance (NWHA) has extended the use of the Meditech Patient Care System (PCS) module to 10 additional hospitals in Northwestern Ontario.

This initiative enables the use of electronic patient charting documentation and the secure sharing of this information between hospitals in the region.

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Building ConnectingGTA for Clinicians

Margaret McCormack

The ConnectingGTA Program will deliver a Provider Portal that will electronically link and integrate patient information from across the care continuum and make it available at the point-of-care to enhance the patient and clinician experience.

It is the first of three Regional Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in Ontario. ConnectingGTA has a very active Clinical Working Group (CWG) comprised of Nurses, Physicians and Pharmacists across the primary care, acute care, CCAC care sectors and Mental Health.

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2014 eHealth Champion Workshops

Tanya Costa

The Nursing and eHealth project will be holding a series of Level 1 workshop from February to May 2014.  The overall goal of the nursing and eHealth Champion Level 1 workshop is to increase awareness of the benefits of levering technology to enhance clinical practice and promote safe, quality health care.

The workshop includes the most up-to-date information on the status of eHealth on both the national and provincial landscapes as well as information on emerging issues and trends in eHealth and their implication for the nursing profession.  The workshop also offers an opportunity for networking and information sharing.

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Nurse Peer Leaders reaching out to Nurse Practitioner Led ClinicsNurse Peer Leaders reaching out to Nurse Practitioner Led Clinics

Lee Mantini

Nurse Peer Leaders are an exciting component of the RNAO/OntarioMD Collaborative Peer Leader Program.

There are currently eight Nurse Peer Leaders available accross Ontario to provide support to primary care providers and their staff to help them transition from paper to Electronic Medical Records(EMRs) and help them get comfortable with the EMR functionality.

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eDoc – A Journey of Continuous Care ImprovementeDoc – A Journey of Continuous Care Improvement

Kayleigh Klajnscek

“Our electronic patient record system was like an overgrown garden, filled with weeds and nearly unmanageable,” said Paul Lacey, RN at Cambridge Memorial Hospital (CMH), of the old electronic system.

“There were a lot of add-ons over the years and this is what brought us to begin the Meditech electronic documentation refresh project (eDoc) in 2012.” Paul, along with Louise Bailey, RPN and application specialist, and their clinical informatics student Nejla Ozkan, began the project in September, 2012, to refresh CMH’s electronic documentation for nursing and allied health professionals.

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Capturing Nursing Care and Workflow using eHealth

Lisa Ruddy

I studied nursing in Toronto, and on my daily commutes in to the city I was always struck by the number of construction cranes dotting the skyline. That was about the same time I heard a quote I’ve never forgotten, “Toronto will be a great city, when it’s finished”.

That was 25 years ago, and the cranes remain, but I see the city through a different lens now. I see a “great city” that may never be “finished” – but it seems it’s possible to be in a great place while at the same time plan and build for the future.

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Key Messages

Coming Soon: Nurse Educator eHealth Resource in FRENCH!

The Nursing and eHealth project team is excited to share that the Nurse Educator eHealth Resource will soon be available to download in French.

The Resource is currently available online and in hard copy in English and there has been a high demand to have this document also available in French.


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Pediatric Monitoring Goes Mobile at Kingston General Hospital

Cindy Bolton

Kingston General Hospital recently undertook a pilot project on its pediatric unit to send pulse oximetry alerts to the nurse’s Vocera badge if a child’s oxygen saturation fell below a certain level.

The alert was routed from the monitor to the Nurse Call system through Connexall to the Vocera Badge. Vocera is a wireless, hands-free communication device that most of our staff in direct care wear to communicate with each other.

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ParaMed Deploys Mobile Solutions to Improve Care to Home-Based ClientsParaMed Deploys Mobile Solutions to Improve Care to Home-Based Clients

Cheryl Reid-Haughian
Julie Konieczka

Improving care delivery at the point of care is a critical challenge for healthcare organizations. Combining pre-acute and post-acute processes and technology, such as mobile point of care and electronic visit verification, will create a common approach to electronic patient records and are critical to the future success of our healthcare systems.

There is increasing evidence that mobile technology and applications will transform the industry and facilitate faster and better communications. As well, they are able to provide integrated outcome data to the front line field staff and improve access to valuable resources at the point of care.

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FlowTechnology at SouthlakeInnovative Patient FlowTechnology at Southlake Captures Minister of Health’s Attention McKesson Performance Visibility project improves patient safety and flow

Jessica Reynolds

The increasing evolution of technology has continually demonstrated its value for improving quality outcomes in healthcare, and the McKesson Performance Visibility project at Southlake Regional Health Centre is no exception.

Launched in 2012 in partnership with McKesson Canada, the project is helping the Newmarket, Ontario hospital make strides in their efforts to provide a valuable hospital experience for patients, and high profile officials are taking notice.

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