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Subscriptions: Registered Nurse Journal

Registered Nurse Journal, published six times a year, aims to educate and inform RNAO members about association activities around the province and interpret health and social issues as they impact on the profession. The Registered Nurse Journal is not a clinical journal, but the publication does provide context and background to issues which impact on clinical practice for registered nurses.

We are convinced that Registered Nurse Journal is a "must" to include in your library to allow your staff and membership to keep in tune with the rapid changes in health care in Ontario. The annual subscription rate is $38 per year in Canada and $45 per year outside Canada.

Registered Nurse Journal is a concrete expression of the stature of the association, and of registered nurses in health care in Ontario; and we are sure that you will find it a worthwhile addition to your circulation lists.

Call RNAO's Communications Department, at 416-599-1925, or email us to order your subscription.