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Poverty action and resources

Adequate shelter, access to nutritious food, and a minimum wage that is consistent with (or above) the cost of living can significantly impact a person’s health. A lack of any – or all – can lead to serious health consequences.

Nurses see the effects of poverty on their clients on a daily basis. That’s because health and poverty are inextricably linked. In fact, poverty has been linked to diabetes, hypertension and even premature death. This is why RNAO has centred a great deal of its advocacy work on helping Ontarians to live their lives uninhibited by the debilitating effects of poverty.

To learn more about the association's advocacy work on this issue, check out the following links: Members' recent (2013) action
  • An October column, published in St. Catharines Standard and penned by RNAO member Lynn McCleary, an associate professor in the department of nursing at Brock University, describes the impact of poverty on her community of St. Catharines, and what the city is doing to help those who are living below the poverty line.