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RNAO style guide and glossary

RNAO's communications department thought it would be useful to put together a few notes regarding style for any written materials you prepare. As a department, we strive to follow The Canadian Press (CP) style, rules developed for journalists to provide consistency when writing and editing.

Given the influence RNAO has within the health-care sector, we want all RNAO documents – from RNJ and newsletters to marketing materials and correspondence – to look professional and consistent.

Following CP's most basic grammar and style rules will help us achieve this goal.

For questions of style not covered in this guide or glossary, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Marion Zych | Email | 416-599-1925 ext. 209

Kimberley Kearsey | Email | 416-599-1925 ext. 233

Victoria Alarcon | Email | 416-599-1925 ext. 211

Alicia Saunders | Email | 416-599-1925 ext. 216

Madison Scaini | Email | 416-599-1925 ext. 274

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