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Numbers, percentages, time, money, dates, telephone numbers

Write out the numbers one to nine; use numerals for 10 and above – except at the beginning of sentences, when all numbers are written out.

Spell out the words "per cent" (with no hyphen) instead of the numeral figure %. The symbol is permitted in charts and graphs.

1 p.m. (not 1:00 p.m. or 1 PM); 1:25 a.m., 3:42 p.m., noon, midnight. Don't use o'clock. For time zones, the abbreviations are all caps, without periods: EDT, AST.

$2, not $2.00. Use numerals until you get to millions, then $1 million, $1.5 million. Remember that the $ takes care of the word dollar, so you do not need to repeat it.

For consistency, run dates with the day spelled out and the month abbreviated: Monday, Oct. 15, 2018. Do not abbreviate March, April, May, June or July.

Telephone numbers
No parentheses around the area code, instead use hyphens. Example: 416-599-1925