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RNAO comments on the Report of the Minister’s Expert Panel on Public Health

Submission to Population and Public Health Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

RNAO welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), Population and Public Health Division, on the Report of the Minister's Expert Panel on Public Health entitled "Public Health within an Integrated Health System". Together with the input of RNAO's Community Health Nurses' Interest Group (CHNIG), experts working in public health settings across Ontario, we offer our response and recommendations.

Summary of RNAO Recommendations

Recommendation 1. As a first step, RNAO supports the expert panel's recommendation of proceeding with the establishment of 14 independent regional public health entities strongly linked and aligned with their LHIN counterparts. We also support establishing local service delivery sites within each regional public health entity to meet the needs of unique populations and to maintain local relationships.  

Recommendation 2. RNAO urges the provincial government to ultimately promote the integration of public health with the rest of the health system under the umbrella of the LHINs, whereby each LHIN provides funding to an independent regional public health entity, and enters into accountability agreements with them.

Recommendation 3. RNAO supports the proposed leadership structure for public health and particularly the recommendation to establish a qualified Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from one of the public health disciplines, including nursing sciences.

Recommendation 4. RNAO recommends having strong nursing leadership at all levels of the regional public health entity including a regional Chief Nursing Officer and nursing leadership at the local level.

Recommendation 5. RNAO supports having Boards of Health that are reflective of the local population and have the appropriate skills, competencies, and commitment to improving health.

Recommendation 6. RNAO recommends that the province ensure public health funding be at a minimum maintained at current levels and ideally increased to ensure more upstream programs focused on population health.



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