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Policy & Political Action

The Agency Implementation Task Force on Ontario's New Public Health Agency: A Nursing Response

December 13, 2005
Submission to the Agency Implementation Task Force

Summary of Key Messages/Recommendations

1. Agency has important role in knowledge generation and synthesis to inform and improve public health practice.
2. Population health approach as a guiding principle is key to reducing health inequalities and improving health for all people in Ontario.
3. Population health assessment, one of the five essential functions of the public health system, has not been identified as a program area.
4. Agency has the opportunity to provide leadership in advancing understanding of the social determinants of health to inform health policy and healthy public policy.
5. CEO for new Agency with strong academic credibility and public health leadership skills could be recruited from a variety of disciplines.
6. Senior nursing leader appointed to the Agency could play pivotal role in advancing public health nursing research and practice.
7. Link activities of the Agency with evidence-based population health goals that bind all government ministries and government funded agencies.
8. International, national, and local governmental and non-governmental bodies can advance professional excellence and diffuse best public health research, policy, and practice.
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