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Changing Workplaces Review

The Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) is the professional association representing registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners (NP) and nursing students in all settings and roles across Ontario. RNAO welcomes the opportunity to modernize labour relations and employment standards legislation in light of changes in the workplace that weaken existing legislative protections for many people. In particular, the growth of precarious, contingent and casual and part-time employment is of concern to RNAO because not only does it affect a significant number of RNs and NPs, it also adversely affects the well-being and health of more and more Ontarians.


RNAO is pleased to offer the following recommendations to the Ontario Government in response to the Changing Workplaces Review:

  1. Meet its commitment to have 70 per cent full-time employment for RNs and NPs in Ontario.
  2. Continue to fund and support the Nursing Graduate Guarantee and Late Career Nurse Initiative programs and support emerging nursing human resource interventions that are evidence-informed and enable retention and recruitment.
  3. Issue a mandate to health organizations to stop the replacement of RNs with less qualified providers.
  4. Ensure that workers with non-standard employment enjoy the same protections and benefits as those with standard employment, including the protections under the ESA and the LRA.
  5. Cover all classes of worker and employers under the ESA without any exemptions. That would include younger workers, farm workers, workers with shorter tenure and managerial staff.
  6. Develop and implement a plan (preferably via changes to the ESA) to deliver the same wages, benefits and working conditions to workers in nonstandard employment as those in standard employment, under the same terms and conditions (e.g., doing the same work with the same seniority).
  7. Ensure that flexible employment arrangements acknowledge the preferences and needs of workers, and not merely the convenience and business interests of employers.
  8. Implement a proactive deterrence model of enforcement that does not tolerate illegal activities and compels employers to comply with the ESA
  9. Build capacity for proactive enforcement of ESA, including increased staffing of enforcement teams and partnering with organizations working with precarious workers.
  10. Raise the minimum wage to at least $14 per hour.

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