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Policy & Political Action

The Right Prescription to Reshape the Drug System: Transparent Drug System Act for Patients

Transparent Drug System for Patients Act, 2006
Submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy

June 5, 2006
Issues Summary & Recommendations

RNAO supports the creation of an Executive Officer position, as it has the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug system. We caution that no attempts should be made to transfer political accountability for Ontario’s drug programs from the Minister to this position.

RNAO supports the government’s efforts to increase the transparency, responsiveness and accountability of the drug system. RNAO recommends that government establish, in regulation, a transparent process of appointment to the Committee to Evaluate Drugs and the Citizens’ Council. RNAO also recommends that government establish, in regulation, timelines and minimum standards for reporting by the Committee to Evaluate Drugs, the Citizens’ Council and the Pharmacy Council.

RNAO welcomes removal of red tape; however, we caution that the safety of the drug system must not be compromised by making testing less rigorous. In the case of conditional listing and exceptional use, RNAO recommends a follow-up study to ensure safety standards are being maintained. In the interests of transparency and accountability, the public should have access to all information used for drug approvals.

Use of Generic Drugs
RNAO supports increased interchangeability between generics and patent drugs, and, supports the government continuing to fully reimburse “no substitution” prescriptions for clients with adverse reactions to substitutes.

Pricing of Drugs
RNAO supports the government’s efforts to control drug costs, and recommends strengthening the Bill by empowering the Executive Officer to initiate a request to negotiate a price change when it is deemed to be in the public interest.

Appropriate Use of Drugs
RNAO supports efforts to ensure the appropriate use of drugs, and recommends adequate funding for the best practice guidelines and Innovation Research Fund to support these efforts.

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