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Policy & Political Action

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Media releases

RNAO releases federal platform comparison: where each party stands on health issues
RNAO leaders hit the road to discuss health issues with Ontario nurses
Ontario nurses applaud two federal parties for backing national drug plan
Nurses say health and health care matter most in the 2015 federal election

Action alerts

Join the Call for a National Pharmacare Program
Tell party leaders health must be on federal election agenda

RNAO's policy priorities in this election are based on extensive, evidence-based research and consultation with other health stakeholders from across the country. Broaden your understanding of today's issues by learning how we got here.

Protecting and strengthening Medicare

Platform ask Resource

Enforce the principles of the Canada Health Act andnegotiate a new Health Accord including increased health transfers

RNAO Vision – Strengthening our publicly-funded, not-for-profit health-care system

RNAO to Prime Minister Stephen Harper: now is the time to discuss a 2014 Health Accord

Expand our universally accessible, publicly funded, not-for-profit health-care system to include home care and pharmacare

Campaign for National Drug Coverage

Reject efforts to privatize and/or commercialize thedelivery of health care - including user fees, copayments and means testing

Ban medical tourism: RNAO speaks out for medicare

Resurrect a commitment made by the First Ministers in 2003 to achieve 24/7 access to primary care delivered by interprofessional teams working to their full scope

OPCC Federal Election Statement

2003 First Ministers’ Accord on Health Care Renewal

Reverse cuts made to the Interim Federal Health Program

RNAO joins in rallies to defend health coverage for refugees

RNAO and CACHC granted intervener status ahead of Federal Court of Appeal case on health benefit coverage for refugee claimants

Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care

Reinstate the Health Council of Canada

Nurses decry loss of national health-care body

Improving access to care

Platform ask Resource

Earmark funding to increase RN/NP-to-population ratios

Nursing Workforce Backgrounder – 2014

Latest nursing numbers from CIHI reveal a dangerous trend for patients in Ontario

Create a national palliative care strategy that provides universally accessible services across the country

End-of-Life Care During the Last Days and Hours

Develop a principled regulatory framework to implement the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision on assisted death

RNAO holds end-of-life care consultations as Supreme Court debates assisted dying laws

RN Voice in National Discussion Regarding End-of-Life Care

Tackling the social determinants of health

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Support affordable and social housing programs by increasing federal spending by $2 billion annually

RNAO Resolution to CNA: Investing in Housing for Better Health and Stronger Communities

Commit to a comprehensive national poverty reductionstrategy, with targets, timelines and sufficient investments

Social Determinants of Health

Adopt the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to address the legacy of residential schools

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

Protecting the environment

Platform ask Resource

Implement carbon pricing

Decrease greenhouse gas emissions

Reduce toxic emissions, and ensure that people are made aware of toxics in their homes, workplaces and the products they consume

Environmental determinants of health

LEAP Manifesto website/ Brochure

Building fiscal capacity

Platform ask Resource

Ensure that all people pay their fair share of taxes by making the system more progressive

Rely more heavily on green taxes that impose
user fees on any activity that damages the environment

RNAO Pre-Budget Submission 2015 – Moving Forward on Deficits: Social, Health, Environment and Infrastructure

RNAO continues to push for bolder action on climate change

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