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Tracking the Nursing Task Force (1999): RNs Rate Their Nursing Work Life

In January 1999, the Nursing Task Force presented its report, Good Nursing, Good Health: An Investment for the 21st Century. The Ontario government accepted all the recommendations of the Task Force and moved to implementation. The Nursing Research Committee of RNAO decided to find out nurses' perceptions of changes in practice settings since the release of the report.


The purpose of this survey was to determine the extent to which registered nurses have seen specific changes in their work environments since the task force recommendations were released. This report focuses on the findings to the following research objectives:

  • Determine the extent to which additional nursing positions have been created and the nursing budget has changed since March 1999.
  • Determine the extent to which nurses and nurse managers have experienced increased opportunity to participate in decision making that directly influences practice since March 1999.
  • Identify the presence and accessibility of a senior individual accountable for nursing resources at the senior management level.
  • Assess nurses' perceptions of changes in flexibility of work hours, in overall professional satisfaction, in opportunities for continued and advanced education, and for the expansion of clinical expertise and professional recognition in the practice setting.
  • Determine nurses' perceptions of the quality of orientation programs and the extent to which changes have been noted in the practice environment.
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